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The Association for Computing Machinery is the umbrella organization for Special Interest Groups (known as SIGs) who specialize in an area of computer science, like mobile applications, artificial intelligence, game development, high performance computing, multimedia, operating systems, security, and more. Each year, the SIGs recruit new members as returning ones give guidance and lead team projects. They'll work on a project year-round before presenting it to our Corporate Partners.


Coding isn't all we do. We host a number of different events throughout the year. To reach out to those interested in learning programming, our members have volunteered at workshops and demonstrations like the Coding Camp, a weekend-long boot camp where participants grasped the basics of a programming language and then made an application to be judged in a contest.
CS students can also expect ACM to host a variety of corporate mixers, tech talks, and even LAN parties throughout the year (all you can eat pizza provided).

We're Also Competitive

SIG members have competed in hackathons here and across the country, and have even been as far as Silicon Valley for company visits. Speaking of hackathons, we're coordinating with other Purdue organizations to host BoilerMake, Purdue's first large-scale hackathon inviting over 10+ universities across the Midwest.

The Special Interest Groups

How do I join?

Simple: You can either email the particular sig leader of the sig that you are interested in, or show up at the next meeting and introduce yourself!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2:00 PM

President: Jean-Michael Diei
SIGAI is a group of people interested in discussing artificial intelligence and working on projects related to all aspects of artificial intelligence.

Application Development (APP)

Tues, Thurs
7:00 PM

President: Jeff Hughes
Centered on full stack mobile development including Android, iOS, and scalable cloud backends.

Robotics (BOTS)

Tues, Wed, Thurs Mon
7:00 PM 7:00 PM

President: Jonathan Bayless
An exciting program dedicated to participating in collegiate-level robotics competitions.

Game Development (GD)

Tues, Thurs, Sat
6:00 PM

President: Andrew Lonsway
Purdue Special Interest Group Game Development is a group of multi-disciplinary students who collaborate to create creative and interesting video games.


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Meet the Officers

Photo of Jordan Field

Jordan Field - President

Jordan is a senior in Computer Science, from Barrington, IL. Alongside ACM, Jordan is also an officer for the Computer Science Women's Network. Jordan has held internships at many companies, including Yelp, Qualcomm, and NextGear Capital with the Indy XTern program. In her free time, Jordan enjoys rock climbing, surfing (the internet), and sleeping.

Photo of Michael Vieck

Michael Vieck - Vice President

Michael is a senior in computer science from Vincennes, IN. Michael has been a part of ACM for four years now as a member of SIGAPP. Michael has worked at many companies including 360 Yield Center, HomeAway in Austin,TX, and DMI through the Indy XTern program. In his free time, Michael will usually be working on a freelancing project, gaming, or going for a run on Purdue's campus.

Photo of Dhiman Swadia

Dhiman Swadia - Treasurer

Dhiman is a junior in Computer Science from Vadodara, India. Previously Dhiman was the SIG Member for SigSac. Last summer, Dhiman was a Software Engineering Intern at Podium which is a CRM company in Salt Lake City, UT.

Photo of Siddharth Shah

Siddharth Shah - Secretary

Sid is a junior in Computer Science from Vadodara, India. Sid was previously the President of the IEEE Computer Society, as well as the SIG Leader of SIGSAC. He is very accomplished, having held internships at Apple and Percieve, Inc., and parttaking in research with Purdue's Engineering Education.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACM?

ACM stands for the Association for Computing Machinery. We do cool things like host hackathons, tech talks, and serve as the parent group that organizes, manages, etc. the different SIGs in ACM.

What is a SIG?

SIG stands for Special Interest Group. Within ACM at Purdue, we have six SIGs: SIGAPP (mobile app development), SIGART (artificial intelligence), SIGBOTS (Robotics), SIGGD (game development), SIGCHI (computer-human interaction), and SIGSAC (security). During the year, each SIG will meet for roughly two hours per week and work on a project. These aren't your standard class projects, though. In ACM, you'll get to work on cool things like create the official Purdue app, go to the VEX Robotics World Championships, or design a system that can reconstruct shredded documents.

How do I join?

ACM is free to join. You may have heard about a $19 yearly fee to join, but this only applies to the national organization. You are welcome to join the national organization (there are some cool benefits that you can look up), but to be a part of Purdue's Chapter of ACM, all you need to do is show up to a SIG's meeting. As long as you show up to meetings, you're a part of the group.

Why should I join?

You'll get real world experience and work on fun projects. ACM hosts tech talks, hackathons, and other fun events. Corporate sponsors love to interview ACM members. It's free!


Jordan Field - President
Email Jordan
Michael Vieck - Vice President
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Dhiman Swadia - Treasurer
Email Dhiman
Siddharth Shah - Secretary
Email Sid
ACM Purdue Chapter
305 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907